Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17 was a special Day for Ruby Eliza Bliss

Ruby Eliza Bliss was born on June 17, 1888 in West Brookfield, MA.  Her father was Albert Warren Bliss, a blacksmith by trade, who was active in the affairs of the town and the Congregational Church.  Ruby's mother was Melinda N. Hooker.

Ruby was married on her 21st birthday (June 17, 1909) to Alfred J. Fletcher and went to live in Portland, Maine where their son Robert Bliss Fletcher was born.  The family moved back to Massachusetts, settling in Worcester by 1917. A second son was born abt. 1924.

Ruby and Alfred went to live in Florida sometime after 1944.  Ruby died in St. John's County, Florida in November of 1968.  Alfred died in St. John's County on July 26, 1979.