Friday, July 13, 2012

Dominick Gaffney Naturalized 1867 in Worcester Superior Court

Dominick Gaffney was born in County Sligo, Ireland on or about October 1823 and came to the US, arriving in Boston on 19 May 1847.  He settled in West Brookfield.  Dominick declared his intention to become a United States citizen on 20 August 1860 and was naturalized in Worcester Superior Court on Nov. 13, 1867.  Sponsors were Thomas Roach and Christopher Lovett. Copies of his papers may be found in the West Brookfield Families tree, by clicking on the Documents link.

Dominick married Ellen Nugent (no record found), and the couple raised five children in their home on Front Street.  Dominick died on Oct. 8, 1885 and was buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery.