Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waldo Emerson Chamberlain

Waldo Emerson Chamberlain was born June 28, 1886 in Manhattan, NY.  His father, originally from West Brookfield,  was Daniel Henry Chamberlain who was governor of South Carolina from 1872 - 1877.  His mother was Alice Ingersol.  Waldo and his father came to live in West Brookfield when Waldo was about 10 years old, settling in at the family farm known as Elm Knoll. He died of rheumatic fever in West Brookfield on Sept. 12, 1902 and was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery next to his mother and four of his brothers. 

I do have more information on the Chamberlain family which is available on request.

Blog entries this week may be few and far between while I am waiting for a new power supply for my computer.  I hope to resume more detailed entries as soon as the new power supply is installed.