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John Dillon - Civil War Soldier

   John Dillon was born in County Galway, Ireland to James and Honora (Liddy) Dillon.  The actual date of his birth may be December 31, 1845 as calculated from his age of 46 years 7 months 18 days on the day of his death Aug. 18, 1892. A Church Baptism Record from www.rootsireland.ie gives the date of Baptism/Birth as 11- Jan - 1846.
   The Dillon family including John, his parents, James and Honora, a sister Sarah, and brothers Patrick and James, came to the United States in 1848. They were living in West Brookfield, Worcester County, when John's sister Honora was born July 28, 1849.
   John enlisted in the Army on Dec. 11, 1863 and served in Company I, of the Massachusetts, 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment.  He mustered out at Wilmington, North Carolina at the end of his term of service, on Sept. 3, 1865 and probably returned to West Brookfield for a time. 
   John eventually left home, and the next known record of him is a record showing that he was admitted to the U.S. National Home for Disabled Soldiers in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1887.  The records from that facility indicate that his residence previous to his admittance was in Fremont, Nebraska and that he was a carpenter by trade, suffering from spinal concussion. John was released from the soldiers' home in January of 1891 and returned to West Brookfield.  His death record indicates that he died Aug. 18, 1892, in West Brookfield, of paralysis of the brain, and was buried in the neighboring town of Ware.

More information about the Dillon family may be found at http://www.westbrookfieldgenealogy.org/genealogy

Courtesy of Nancy Horner

                                         Commonwealth of Massachusetts

                                         To John Dillon Co I 2d H. Art'y
             The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, honoring the faithful service of her Sons who formed part of the land and sea forces of the United States employed in suppressing Rebellion and maintaining the integrity of the Nation has by a resolve of the General Court of 1869 directed the undersigned to present you this Testimonial of the people's gratitude for your patriotism.
                                       Given at Boston, this nineteenth day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred seventy.
By the Governor
Jas A Cunningham [signature]                        William Claflin [signature]
Adj. General                                                        Governor