Monday, October 31, 2011

Eli M. Converse - West Brookfield Merchant - born October 31, 1850

Eli M. Converse was born in Brookfield on October 31, 1850.  His parents were James, a shoemaker, born in North Brookfield,  and Mary, born in Brookfield..  Eli spent his boyhood in Brookfield and married Nancy M. Prouty there on May 1, 1878.  Nancy died on October 14, 1883.  On December 20, 1887 Eli married a school teacher from Brookfield named Lucy Maria Dunton.  They moved to West Brookfield probably the following year.  A daughter Elsie was born in 1889 and a son Robert came along in 1891.

Eli was engaged in commerce in West Brookfield, owning and operating a general store in the Wheeler-Conway Block, first with Frank Blodget and then by himself.  The business was sold to Charles O. M. Edson in 1914.

Eli served the town of West Brookfield as a selectman and school committeeman.  He also served in the Massachusetts Legislature in 1911.  He died in his home on School St. on February 24, 1936 after a long illness.  His obituary appeared on page four of the Springfield Daily Republican on February 25, 1936.

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Weekend storm leaves 15" of snow - downed trees, no electricity or phone

Word from family is that there is 15" of snow on the ground, along with many trees and branches.  Power is not expected to be restored until at least Thursday.

Although I remember snow flurries once on Halloween, I do not remember ever having any significant amount of snow in October when I was growing up in West Brookfield.