Thursday, January 12, 2012

West Brookfied By-Laws 1877- Images now available

The images of the content pages of the By-Laws of West Brookfield booklet mentioned in the last post have been placed on the West Brookfield Genealogy site.  The sight may be searched without a User Account or Log In.

By-Laws of the Town of West Brookfield - 1877

Last October, while in Massachusetts visiting family, an old friend gave me an eleven page booklet, entitled By-Laws of the Town of West Brookfield: Approved June 16, 1877. The booklet was published by the town of West Brookfield, and printed by Thomas Morey in 1877.  It contains four articles.  The first deals with rules governing the Town Meeting.  The second article lists the town offices and the duties of the office holders.  Article three is "Concerning truant children and absentees from school." Penal laws and penalties are the subject of the fourth and last article.  The by-laws were approved June 16, 1877, by the Worcester County Superior Court, held at Fitchburg. 

The names of West Brookfield residents L. Fullam, Geo. H. Brown, George A. Parratt, Enos Gilbert, and Horace W. Bush are listed as the Commitee.

Cover of Booklet

Last page of booklet
Thanks to Pete Hastings of West Warren who gave me this document.