Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Next of Kin and Heirs -at- Law of Baxter Ellis

Baxter Ellis, son of Nathan B. Ellis and Thankful (Barrett), died in West Brookfield in 1866 leaving a will and a sizable estate. He left a will in which there were bequests to a number of charities, and also to his widow , Lucy (Upham) and other family members. Below is a transcription of the page in his probate file which identifies his next of kin and heirs-at-law according to the statutes at the time.
(Minors must be so designated, and the names of their Guardians given, if they have any. If any party is a married woman, her husband's name must be given. The heirs-at-law and next of kin may be determined by reference to Chap. 91 an 94 of the General Statutes)

To the Honorable the Judge of Probate Court in and for the County of Worcester:

RESPECTFULLY represents Dwight Ellis of Warren in the county of Worcester and Lucy Ellis of West Brookfield in the County of Worcester that Baxter Ellis who last dwelt in West Brookfield in said County of Worcester, died on the Eighth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty - six possessed of goods and estate remaining to be administered, leaving a widow, whose name is Lucy Ellis the subscriber and as his only heirs-at-law and next of kin, the persons whose names, residences, and relationship to the deceased are as follows, viz:-

Gauis Ellis a brother residing in Racine Wis.

Lucy B. Ellis a Sister     "         " Boston Mass

Calvin Hayward a Nephew " " New York N. Y.

Susan E Jones a Niece   "     " Albany, N.Y.

R Gerdon Ellis a Nephew " " Cincinnatti O.

Julia Ellis a Niece            " " do ___ do

Caroline Adams a Niece " " West Brookfield Mass

Ephraim Adams a Nephew "     do do

Nathan Adams a Nephew "    " do do

[These last 9 names below are followed by a vertical wavy line on the right side with Wisconsin written to the right]

Edwin Upham " Nephew

Lyman Baxter Upham " Nephew

Caroline Hayward " Niece

Maria Upham " Niece

Elizabeth Upham " Niece

Adaline Upham " Niece

Joseph J. F Elis" Nephew

Mary Shumway" Niece

Curtis Ellis " Son of a Nephew


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