Friday, November 4, 2011

Some still without power in West Brookfield

It has been almost a week since 15" of snow fell in West Brokfield, and many homes are still without power.  Snow covered trees and branches, with leaves still on them, are laying across power lines and roads.  Some power and phone lines were even ripped from homes.  Patience is wearing very thin for even the hardiest of folks blame the power company for not trimming the tree branches which were hanging over the lines. 

Those familiar with the area know that cell phones do not work in some locations due to the lack of cell towers and the hilly terrain. Communication is difficult, if not impossible.

Snow is beginning to melt slowly, and businesses along Route 9, where there is power, are open.  Gas stations and restaurants, especially, are doing a booming business.  I would imagine that people who cut and sell wood are doing well, too.

Schools remain closed.  Quaboag Regional High School is still operating as a shelter for people who need a warm place to sleep, or perhaps a warm shower.

Today's Quaboag Current does have some storm related stories and photos.  You may view them online at