Monday, January 30, 2012

Cora Ellen (Parker) Campbell Photo Found

Cora Ellen Parker - age 1
Today I received an email from someone who has rescued an old photo of Cora Ellen Parker, age 1year.  This photo was taken in the 1890's at Menard Beardsley Co. Studio in Northampton, Massachusetts.  The age of the photo and its subject, and the location of the studio, make it reasonable to conclude that the person in the photo is Cora Ellen Parker, born April 30, 1893 in Northampton, to Herbert M. and Alta Gould Parker. 

Cora married Allen Wales Campbell probably between 1915 and 1917.  Their children included Allen W. Jr, twins Warren and Wendell, and daughters, Alta and Lois.  The family lived in West Brookfield probably from the 1920's to at least the 1960's.  Warren Campbell was living in Brookfield in the 1960's.

I was able to find a family member who was interested in having the photo. It took about an hour of research and a telephone call.  What a nice way to begin the week!