Friday, October 28, 2011

Orianna Tyler and Eugene Kirkland married Oct. 28, 1891

Orianna Tyler was born in West Brookfield on April 13, 1863.  She was the daughter of George F. and Caroline (Pepper) Tyler.  Orianna married Eugene Kirkland, son of Charles and Elizabeth on October 28, 1891, according to The Tyler Genealogy: The Descendants of Job Tyler, of Andover, Massachusetts, 1619-1700.  No location is given for the marriage, and no record has been located in Massachusetts vital records.

Eugene was born in Huntington, MA on Nov. 14, 1857, according to the Tyler Genealogy.  Huntington vital records show the birth of an unnamed male Kirkland on that date.

 The 1880 census has Eugene living with a brother in Washington State, and the 1900 census has Eugene, Orianna and daughters Helen and Eva living in Colfax, Whitman County Washington.  Daughter Eva died in 1925, Eugene died in 1926, and Orianna lived until Dec. 13, 1954.  I have found no record of Helen after the 1920 census.

Where were Orianna and Eugene married?

What became of Helen Irene Kirkland born Whitman County Washington on April 13, 1895?

Please share the answer if you know it.