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West Brookfield Men In World War I Draft List

Draft Registration June 5, 1917
Draft Drawing in Washington, DC July 1917
Physical Examination and Appearance before Exemption Board began 9 Aug. 1917
Report for Training

From the Spencer Leader published 27 July 1917 thru September 1917
Names of West Brookfield men of Division 2 with their red ink numbers.

 676 John H. Nelson               married with 2 children        exempt
 692 Elmer R. Varnum           married with 4 children        exempt
 652 John H. Donovan           single                                     alternate
 675 David Murphy               married with 2 children         public utility worker
 645 Robert Converse           single                                   enlisted 
 677 Edward J. O'Day                                                          Dental Corps. Reserve
 638 Francis S. Beeman         married with 2 children         exempt
 685 William M. Richardson physically unfit                      exempt
 637 John H. Anderson
 679 Frederic A. Perry
 664 Kendall V. Huckins      physically unfit                       exempt
 642 F. Arthur Carter                                                            exempt
 656 Wallace L. Gladding     married with 1 child               exempt
 657 Allen T. Godfrey                                                          exempt
 681 Paul N. Plouff
 635 Ralph O. Allen               married with 1 child
 633 B. Paul Allen                 married                                   exempt
 691 Frank E. Underwood     married with 2 children
 636 George H. Anderson
 634 Harry D. Allen              married 1 child                       exempt
 672 Francis J. McRevey      dependent parents                   exempt
 650 Carl F. Davis                 physically unfit                       exempt
 666 Edward W. Joyce          physically unfit                       exempt
 647 George E. Dalton          physically unfit                       exempt
 640 Peter A. Brady                                                              exempt
 668 Earl W. Livermore       qualified                                   not claiming exemption
 694 John J. Whalen             physically unfit
 671 Daniel McRevey          physically unfit                        exempt
 662 Earl O. Hibbard
 641 William H. Brown
 674 Charles L. Mitchell
 639 Albert O. Bosworth
 646 Frank E. Daley
 695 Omer C. White
 667 Louis Larose
 666 Clarence E. Hocum
 658 J. Leo Gratton
 655 G. Walter Fenner
 659 Nathaniel G. Greene
 665 John Jaffray
 682 James H. Pratt
 669 H. Burton Mason
 649 William H. Dane
 648 J. Joseph Dalton                                                                      Army Medical
 643 John F. Clough
 696 W. Raymond Young
 680 Harold D. Phelps
 651 George A. Donovan
 690 L. Edmund Smith
 693 Arthur H. Warfield                                                                    enlisted
 687 Earl D. Sibley
 684 Albert E. Richardson
 661 Harry L. Hewett
 644 Joseph Coderre                    married             
 683 Charles P. Quinlan
 688 Elmer N. Smith
 653 C. Fred Duncanson
 670 John T. McElroy
 654 James Evans
 673 William MisKinnis
 660 Roland M. Hauck                                                                       U. S. Navy
 678 Arthur G. Parker
 687 H. Stanley Smith
 686 Maurice T. Risley                                                                       radio service
 Converse, Warfield, and Risley were among the credits to the district, as they had already enlisted . Thirty-two men were married, and 18 of those had one or more children.

Other men from West Brookfield who served:

      Chauncey Lockhart Olmstead joined the American Ambulance Corp in France in April 1917, at age 16.  He was living with his mother in France at the time. When the United States Army took over the ambulance corps, they had to discharge Lockhart, as he was under the minimum age according to Army regulations.      
      Paul Crosby Chamberlain - served in British Royal Field Artillery
      Edward J. Ducey - drafted in Palmer, Mass.
      Howard J. Foster - drafted in Toledo, Ohio
      Edward. S. Bugbee drafted in Detroit
      Paul H. Hazen - U. S. Navy
      Ellsworth W. Galvin - drafted in the city of Worcester, Mass.
      Marcus A. Cunningham - 48th US Infantry  cook
      Ralph S. Clark - 4th US Aero Squadron
      Henry Durling
      Van Zant Stone - served in Royal Flying Corps of the British Army
      Frank B. Woodward - cook, steamship Amerika
      John O'Connell
      Clifford J. Pratt - Yankee Div., Co. H. 104th Inf.
      Edward F. King - H'quts, Battery C, 17th Field Artillery
      Robert Patterson - Aviation Corps
      Francis Mathews - U. S. Navy
      Charles A. Wine
      Clarence Hocum  - PVT 5 CO - 152 Depot Brigade

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